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Member spotlight

Ben Cooper Member Spotlight


“It’s a very open culture; meaning every direction you turn presents an opportunity for an easy conversation with another member, regardless of tenure,” he said. “It allows us to learn best practices from each other and discuss ways to overcome fundamental challenges we all face in innovation."

Ben Cooper

General Manager

Flex Boston Innovation Center

Ben Cooper makes an impact by innovating in the manufacturing industry as General Manager of the Flex Boston Innovation Center. Flex is the Sketch-to-Scale® solutions company that turns ambitious ideas into winning products. Their design-led product development life cycle services help customers from ideation and prototyping, through manufacturing, and all the way to final delivery.

Ben is an award-winning entrepreneur whose insights have made an immeasurable impact on the smart textile market. Prior to Flex, Ben founded IoClothes, the 1st B2B industry platform providing tools, resources and key insight for the emerging area of smart textiles, apparel and footwear. Before that, Ben co-founded the "smart" infant monitoring start-up, Sensible Baby, which gained international recognition for its innovative approach to disrupting the juvenile products space.

As a member since the spring of 2019, Ben values the perspective that Innovation Outreach offers into the worlds of fellow top-tier innovation programs.

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