Aug 21, 2019

Renewing Our Commitment to Open Innovation

By Molly McCarthy

Innovation Outreach has always held the belief that a global and cross-industry approach is the best way forward to catalyzing the cutting-edge technological changes facing member organizations. Staying true to these values we are stepping it up a notch and exploring new possibilities of open innovation.

Over the years we are thrilled to say that we have convened biannual summits across the world and have held discussions on the innovations set to transform a wide array of industries. And at each of these events we have welcomed a long list of participants, drawn by the opportunity of connecting with a network of cutting-edge companies and of benefiting from singularly informed perspectives on the next impending disruption.

Now, over 10 years since its launch, Innovation Outreach is setting its sights higher. By building on a decade’s worth of momentum we are excited to apply the lessons learned, refine the scope of the collective and redouble our commitment to our core principles. Here’s what we’ve got in the pipeline.

A New Innovation Outreach Experience

Beginning this new stage in our shared journey, our Innovation Outreach community has been working hard to offer members an expanded and enhanced platform for learning, networking, and collaborative innovation.

Firstly, this means a renewed dedication to our philosophy of innovation in action. We will bring together even more participants from all corners of the globe and all industries with the express purpose of making tangible advances in the fields and industries we explore. Not only will we be hearing from these experts and discussing impacts, but our activities will seek to produce actionable results and really make a difference.

Secondly, in an effort to become an even more impactful part of members’ digital transformations, we will explore ways to engage between our traditional biannual events. The new Innovation Outreach experience will therefore feature greater engagement year-round via monthly articles and featured op-eds. And, stay tuned for our new website which will offer exclusive editorial sharing diverse insights on topics such as connected spaces, AI, Big Data and more.

Lastly, we maintain our belief that diverse perspectives are integral to innovation. This means a renewed emphasis on inviting key individuals from a broader community to participate in our Innovation Outreach work. We’re sure that you’d agree that greater diversity is essential to even more fruitful and productive engagement.

So What's Next?

Our events often spark inspiring new initiatives from attendees who have met and discovered unexpected synergies, developed meaningful ties and have then embarked on collaborations. As we continue forward seeking even more impact, we – the Innovation Outreach community – are putting our minds together to find ways to ensure that members have the support and network necessary to help us achieve an even more meaningful platform for engagement and collaboration.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be redeveloping the Innovation Outreach identity. This includes creating a new web presence to hold information about what is happening in our community, how to prepare for upcoming events, how to find other community members, and information on our past events.

Always powered by our curiosity and conversations, the ideas shared and disseminated throughout our community will have the power to shape industries in the years to come. We hope the work we are doing with Innovation Outreach will continue to reveal new paths for collaboration and to generate ground-breaking innovation over the next few years. The possibilities for further positive impact are endless.

By Molly McCarthy

Molly McCarthy is a Principal PM Manager in the Commercial Software Engineering team at Microsoft. She is a high energy, focused professional who thrives on building relationships, pushing the boundaries of technology and inspiring people and teams to win.